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Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew 5: He began to teach them, saying:

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Discuss this text on the Early Writings forum. Books Wilhelm Schneemelcher, ed. Wilson, New Testament Apocrypha: Gospels and Related Writings Louisville: John Knox Press, , pp. Hedrick writes in the Bible Review “The 34 Gospels:

Mark – Chapter 1

History[ edit ] The name Gospel Oak derives from a local oak tree , under which parishioners gathered to hear regular gospel readings when the area was still rural. The oak of Gospel Oak marked the boundary between the parishes of Hampstead and St Pancras, and was said to be situated on the corner of Mansfield Road and Southampton Road.

The oak vanished sometime in the s and was last recorded on a map of the area in The small street named Wesleyan Place, off Highgate Road, was the original site of a very early Methodist chapel that was connected with the famous oak. When the now-lost great oak tree of Gospel Oak became famous as a preaching spot in the s, the area was referred to as Gospel Oak, and the name continues today.

The neighbourhood began serious development in the mid s when Lord Mansfield , Lord Southampton and Lord Lisburne were the local landowners.

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When were the Gospels written? It is important to understand that the dating of the Gospels and other New Testament books is at best an educated guess and at worst foolish speculation. For example, suggested dates for the writing of the Gospel of Matthew range from as early as A. This wide range of dates from scholars indicates the subjective nature of the dating process. Generally, one will find that the presuppositions of the scholars greatly influence their dating of the Gospels.

For example, in the past many liberal theologians have argued for a later dating of many of the New Testament books than is probably warranted or valid, in an attempt to discredit or cast doubts upon the content and authenticity of the Gospel accounts. On the other hand, there are many scholars who look to a much earlier dating of the New Testament books. There are some that believe there is good evidence to support the view that the whole New Testament, including Revelation, was written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.

It is our contention that the evidence supports the earlier dating more than it does the later dating. There are scholars who believe the Gospel of Matthew was written as early as ten to twelve years after the death of Christ.

The Dating of the New Testament

Of the Gospels however, Synoptic Gospels plus the 4th Gospel, they begin with the book of Mark, the earliest of all the Gospels. General consensus among scholars is that it was written circa A. Browsing through the Synoptic Gospels, the first three gospels of the New Testament, we discover that the canonical order of these Gospels follows the tradition that the book of Matthew came first.

Roy Anthony Martin was born on September 8, and fell asleep on September 16, These 30, days were not wasted. Most of what follows is borrowed from a website belonging to TAPESTRY Christian Storytelling Alliance, a relatively new ministry that is blessed with talent and dedication, but a little short of funds at present.A small budget has not kept it from doing big things, however.

The supposition that the author was one and the same with the beloved disciple is often advanced as a means of insuring that the evangelist did witness Jesus’ ministry. Two other passages are advanced as evidence of the same – But both falter under close scrutiny. Neither of these passages, therefore, persuades many Johannine scholars that the author claims eyewitness status. There is a case to be made that John, the son of Zebedee, had already died long before the Gospel of John came to be written.

It is worth noting for its own sake, even though the “beloved disciple” need not be identified with John, the son of Zebedee. In his ninth century Chronicle in the codex Coislinianus, George Hartolos says, “[John] was worth of martyrdom. Papias in the second book says that John the divine and James his brother were killed by Jews. Morton Enslin observes Christian Beginnings, pp. None the less, this Marcan passage itself affords solid ground.

Dating the Gospels & Daniel

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“STM takes formation – intellectual, spiritual, pastoral, and personal – very seriously. Such formation is not an end in itself, however. Indeed, the study of theology is ultimately about transformation. We want our graduates to be leaders and agents of transformation in the Church and in the.

The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of sayings of Jesus that was discovered in at the village of Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Before the Nag Hammadi discovery, very little was known about the Gospel of Thomas other than three small fragments from Oxyrynchus that date to A. The manuscripts discovered at Nag Hammadi date to around A. The Date of Thomas Even though the Gospel of Thomas is perhaps the earliest, most popular, and best “Gnostic” Gospel around, it does not belong in the New Testament since it was written in the second century at a time when all of the apostles of Christianity had already died.

This second century date of composition is demonstrated by 1 its dependence on more than half of the New Testament writings, 2 its likely mid to late second century Syrian influence, 3 its heretical nature with Gnostic overtones, 4 its lack of references from early church fathers or first century witnesses, 5 its disagreements and variations from the first century context of the New Testament gospels, and 6 its self-conscious promotion as an apostolic book which reflects a later time period.

In fact, even many adherents to a first-century origin for the Gospel of Thomas argue that, in its present form, Thomas reflects later editing. Historical Value Though the final composition of the Gospel of Thomas is likely in the second century, there may be some traditions in Thomas that date back to the first century and may be independent of the Synoptic Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke. However, by and large, the Gospel of Thomas does not really give us much new information about the historical Jesus compared to what is already found in the New Testament Gospels.

The Key Criteria for Canonicity: Apostolicity The reason that there are only four gospels in the New Testament is because these were the only first century gospels available to the early Church, as far as scholars can currently tell, that were written either by 1 an apostle or 2 an associate of an apostle.

Though each of the New Testament Gospels was written anonymously, there was a strong tradition connecting each of them to apostles Matthew and John or associates of apostles Mark was an associate of Peter; Luke was an associate of Paul. An apostle was someone who knew the historical Jesus or had seen an appearance of the risen Jesus cf.

The Case for a Second Century date for Thomas 1.

Gospel of John

Vinzent proposed that Marcion of Sinope was the founder of the Gospel genre known to us in the Synoptic literature and therefore the terminus post quem of the Synoptics should be pushed as late as the time of Marcion around CE. This blog post is not a detailed review nor a response but a survey of the ideas that came to my mind while going through it.

Vinzent and the Synoptic Problem The book is intensely engaged with scholarly literature and offers a breath of fresh air for some of the topics it is dealing with. It comes in four chapters; the first and the fourth which is pretty short are for Marcion and his Gospel while the second and the third are for discussing the synoptic problem and the dating or re-dating of the NT Gospels.

Of course the reader of these words can now imagine what an overwhelmingly huge task it is to prove his point. To do that in pages Vinzent had to make two major statements that nearly annihilated all the possible barriers on the way to his theory.

Information on Gospel of John. Robert Kysar writes the following on the authorship of the Gospel of John (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, v. 3, pp. ):The supposition that the author was one and the same with the beloved disciple is often advanced as a means of .

Of course John the son of Zebedee, the disciple of Jesus, could not have lived long enough to write anything much into the second century, so in this case establishing a date of writing should first involve establishing that John was in fact the author. It would perhaps be best to first establish the case that the same author is responsible for all the books associated with John. The New Testament books of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Revelation are sometimes called the Johannine literature and are traditionally assigned to John the son of Zebedee, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Still, there is reason to believe that the traditional understanding here is correct. The identification of John the son of Zebedee as the author of this material is dependent on a combination of the writings of early church fathers and indirect evidence within these books. Holding John the son of Zebedee to be the author of Revelation are the second century church fathers Justin Martyr and Irenaeus, along with third century fathers Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian of Carthage, Origen of Alexandria, and Hippolytus of Rome.

However, Papius identifies a separate John as the writer of the letters of John and Revelation, so there is some variance in early tradition as to authorship of the Johannine letters. Unlike the other gospels, John the apostle is never named in the Gospel of John, though his name seems to be deliberately self-obscured by calling himself “another disciple” or the “disciple that Jesus loved” John The “we” in John 1: There is little dispute as to a common author for the short letters of 2 John and 3 John.

Despite the brevity of 2 and 3 John, many common ideas and phrases are obvious. Many of these themes in John are also present in the Gospel of John. The subject of truth and the idea of a commandment of love is prominent in both books, along with the idea that God is light.

Gospel of Judas

If it can be established that the gospels were written early, say before the year A. If they were written by the disciples, then their reliability, authenticity, and accuracy are better substantiated. Also, if they were written early, this would mean that there would not have been enough time for myth to creep into the gospel accounts since it was the eyewitnesses to Christ’s life that wrote them.

Furthermore, those who were alive at the time of the events could have countered the gospel accounts; and since we have no contradictory writings to the gospels, their early authorship as well as apostolic authorship becomes even more critical. Destruction of the temple in A.

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Dating about B. Babylonian and Chaldean tablets dating from – B. Discoveries dating material from years ago indicate a knowledge of the zodiac in Arabia. Today, because the astronomical names are now fixed by convention, it is very difficult to find some original names and meanings. Some appear to be lost for good. Star and constellation names were fixed in a process lasting from to So to find some of the meanings, if they are to be found, we must search back into the sixteenth century and before.

In , Bayer started the process of standardization by designating stars in the various constellations by letters of the Greek alphabet instead of by names. When he ran out of Greek letters, he started using Roman letters. This process has been followed ever since. In Flamsteed published his catalogue of stars. In it the fainter ones were designated by number if no Greek or Roman letter had been given previously.

Marcion and the Gospels

I have been exploring the creation and fall of man and Lucifer in this series of posts. I plan to continue but some recent headlines in newsites around the world are beckoning a side post. Here is a smattering of headlines about this: Is this neo-narrative of Jesus really up for consideration? The articles themselves report the date of the fragment as 4th century, putting it about years after the death of Jesus.

Paul Heil’s The Gospel Greats program is Southern Gospel music’s most prestigious syndicated radio program, airing weekly on more than radio stations across America, in .

He died a few years ago, but I ran across this article he sent me—I think he wrote it for the blog, but we missed running it. He even started a resource for those wanting to learn more—that goes on to this day. It’s called, “Gospel Bootcamps. What is the Gospel? For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: It is of first importance because it is through the gospel that God works to take people from death to life. The Messiah would be God who became a man to become our substitute.

Explain who Jesus is, God the Son who became a man. Often times, a pastor will give an invitation at the end of his message and ask people to come forward to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, but the pastor never explains who Jesus is. I have no idea, and therefore I will stay firmly glued to my seat! Some believe that he was a great prophet, others a great teacher, healer, or example. I have personally shared the gospel with many, many people over the years and have discovered that the majority of Protestants do not know or believe that Jesus Christ is God.

I always ask the question, “Do you believe that Jesus is God?

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