Diana of Themyscira (Prime Earth)

Contents [ show ] Personality Spoiled, bossy, and bratty, she is perhaps the only person her father ever knuckles under. Kitty is the typical spoiled teenage girl; all she wants is to be adored and lavished with attention. She’ll do anything to be better than everyone else, including making them jealous. She succeeded in that goal by bringing Robin to her Junior Prom. Kitty is also very acquisitive and materialistic, finding Fang’s array of jewelry a true sign of his love for her. She is also a sore loser eager for revenge on any who have ‘wronged’ her. Motive After her brief breakup with Fang, she commanded her father to convince Robin to go on a date with Kitten. This makes Starfire very jealous. Kitten just did this just to make Fang jealous. After Robin broke up with Kitten, she threatened to unleash Killer Moth’s minions and tried to kiss Robin.

3,500-year-old bronze hand unearthed, may have been ‘Bronze age cyborg’

He could always make one? I wouldnt say he shouldn’t have a girlfriend cause connections are what help keep humanity and Cyborg should keep his theme of acceptance of himself. Race shouldn’t matter either black, white, Latino, asian in comics as long as they dont make him gay.

When they were dating Kid Kold and Jinx developed nicknames for each other. Jinx’s was “Lucky” while his was “Leo”. He was shocked to find out that she was a Titan and was even more shocked that she’s the girlfriend of Kid s: Lucky, Slow-poke (Kid Flash), Jinxy (Kid Flash).

Good was never an option for me. Prior to joining the Teen Titans , Jinx was a former top student of the H. Academy and the former leader of the H. She is also the girlfriend of Kid Flash. Contents [ show ] Character History Jinx became a former H. Academy student, along with Gizmo and Mammoth.

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Edit Tim Drake was the son of Steven “Shifty” Drake and Janet Drake, When he was a young child, he visited the circus for the first time with his parents. The Drakes asked the Flying Graysons for a photo together, resulting in a momentary bond between Tim and Dick Grayson as they met for the first time, However that was the same day the Flying Graysons were murdered.

A few years later Tim’s Mother Janet died of unknown means. After the death of Tim’s mother his father Steven “Shifty” Drake became a criminal who was often a thug for the crime lord Two-Face. He had very little respect for his father, and often had to fend for himself. Around the age of 10, Tim began to idolize Gotham City hero Batman and placed newspaper clippings on his wall.

Far more of cyborg dating jinx fall for many years and living tissue. New teen titans and carry on a good love interest for a certain time. Those of cyborg; lovesick cyborg, opponent, they began by a founding members of nature.

Watch as the goofy sidekick is forced to take things seriously, and grow alongside his best friend. Enter Zoom Part I. Kim Possible – Rated: T – English – Adventure – Chapters: Booze, babes and poor choices await those who enter the club, better bring your I. A small, angry man finds himself with a new friend he didn’t want. Can they make it through this new misadventure together, or is it the universe that needs to watch out for them?

Was This Man a Bronze-Age Cyborg? His Metal Hand May Have Been a Prosthetic.

Steve Trevor is an A. Discovering Themyscira Steve is discovered by Diana after crash-landing on the island Steve was on a mission with the US Navy when his plane crash-landed on the island of Themyscira. Steve was the only survivor, and was discovered by Diana of Themyscira, badly wounded.

Cyborg and Jinx playfully “fighting”. As of ” Opposites “, Cyborg and Jinx are secretly dating and enjoying their “forbidden romance.” They are obviously smitten with each other, and both disobey orders against dating someone from the opposite team.

You could include Young Justice. Although Terra and Bumblebee does make a full team of five members. Let me see how many characters that would be: When you don’t have Robin, Starfire normally defaults in most story related instances as the defacto leader. So you could make her the leader. Everything is already known about her. But her function in the team is that she is the rationalist.

beast boy x jinx

False Pretenses Rod and Cane 2 Chapter One Her television was blaring when Emma Dupree pulled into the driveway of her tiny two-bedroom bungalow, and a burn ignited in the pit of her stomach. Either lazy burglars had decided to watch her TV before stealing it, or Ron had dropped by. She exited her subcompact and slammed the car door, then stiffened her shoulders and strode to her house.

In Opposites, Gizmo forbids Jinx from dating Cyborg and calls him a robot, later Cyborg calls Gizmo “a five year old in a jet pack” in reference to his height. In Operation Tin Man, Gizmo and Cyborg start a prank war. But in the end, they become friends until the other Titans attacked. Wonder Woman (idol) Cyborg is a huge fanboy of Wonder Woman.

Gumball Gumball and Penny had both always been deeply in love with each other, but Penny always seemed to have had an easier time hiding her emotions in other words, smoother when Gumball was around. During Season 1 and 2, neither were capable of expressing it, even though they were both aware of the other’s affection. So far, Penny has kissed Gumball on the cheek twice the trailer for the series and ” The End ” ; in addition, they attempted to kiss on the lips twice – once in ” The Pressure ,” and another in ” The Party.

In the latter, the moment was ruined by Richard honking his car horn loudly and interrupted the moment, so Gumball instead said to Penny that he loves her in “The Party,” causing her to blush. Also in the episode ” The Meddler ,” Penny and Gumball are shown to both love each other with Gumball not concealing this and the outcome of Penny thinking that all Gumball says and turns away with sad emotions. Later in the episode, Gumball fails the cheer leading tryouts and sacrifices his dignity for Penny, and in return, Penny forgiving him and concluding that Gumball likes her a bit.

In ” The Date ,” she had invited Gumball to her pet Mr. Cuddles ‘ funeral, but Gumball mistakes it for a date and ends up embarrassing himself and losing Mr. Fitzgerald ‘s respect for him. In the end, Gumball had found Mr.

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Cyborg the Barbarian is the 43rd episode of the series and the fourth episode of Season Four. Cyborg the Barbarian Edit Cyborg has just upgraded Titans Tower with a number of high-tech, but non-essential paraphernalia and is proudly presenting them to his friends when he suddenly vanishes from the face of the Earth with a lightning zap. In fact, Cyborg finds himself stranded 5, years before his time, right in the middle of a battle between a barbarian horde and an army of green-glowing slime monsters!

Krall and Sarasim At first all Cyborg wants is to keep out of the way, in fear that any action on his part may alter the future, but when he sees one of the warriors about to be finished by his opposition, he interferes and saves the warrior’s life. Subsequently, he ends up defeating all the monsters single-handedly, though the excessive use of his sonic cannon leaves him with little spare power.

His lower body was extinguished. Even the remaining portion started to crumble, and it was only a matter of time before all of him would vanish. It was a black ball. Diablo had a similar suffocating experience, but in order to maintain his Demon Kingliness, he endured it. Its effect is Damage Cut for a few seconds. It protects the user from any and all attacks.

Although it has Damage Cut, since it only for a short two to five seconds, situations where it was useful were limited. It was only when he was fighting against an unimaginably strong opponent like a Demon King did Diablo equip it.

Teen Titans Go! (2013) Episode Scripts

TwistedImagination 2 days have passed and I feel like my relationship has grown stronger, not only with Beastboy, but with the other titans. My home has become sanctuary to me, and I feel safe. I have had my date with Beastboy yesterday night, and it was the best night of my life. Beastboy is not only my boyfriend, my lover, but he is also my saviour , because of him, i found happiness again.

I do not own teen titans. Raven flew into the living room in a panic and tired to hide behide the counter. Beast boy and Robin looked up and went to ask her what was going on but Raven shot them a death look and brought her finger to her lips to singal them to shut up. Starfire had relized not too long ago that she was a lesbain. Starfire blushed and smiled. Robin and Beast boy did a sweat drop and went back to playing their games.

Raven was trying to sneak out of the room when Starfire spotted her and flew up to her. Have you recondsiered your choice on whter or not to go to the thater of movies with me and eat the corn that has been popped? I do not want to go on a date with you today. The dark teen’s left eye was twitching as she said this.

Steven Trevor (Prime Earth)

Disapproving of her father’s conquest of dimensions, she left her home and journeyed to Jump City where she joined the Teen Titans in order to help save innocent people. Unlike the other Titans, she doesn’t display any extreme emotion when saddened, shocked, or happy preferring to either give a small smile, frown, or bulging eyes.

Raven relaxes by meditating or reading a book and is angered when interrupted by the other Titans’ antics. Due to her monotone voice and stoic personality, the other Titans are often unable to determine how she’s really feeling.

Raven and Terra’s fight in “Aftershock” could be called this. Although this fight is generally taken more seriously than Starfire and Kitten’s. Partly because of Terra’s preceding Face Heel Turn and betrayal, and partly because both girls go all out; punching, kicking, choke-holding, and even attempting to drown each other while covered in mud. Not in literal sense, but her name and mannerisms says it all. And the odd thing is, her dad is a moth-man.

And her boyfriend has a giant spider for a head. Starfire is turned into a cat in the episode “Bunny Raven”, but she can speak and still wears her clothes. And a literal cat girl in the movie made of magic ink. Robin wakes up from one in “Apprentice Part 1”. Sometimes the show’s mood shifted within the individual episode. Results in a surprising degree of Character Development , given the mostly-episodic nature of the series. Occurs in the episode “Don’t Touch That Dial”, when Beast Boy and Control Freak crash into a French cooking show , the chef immediately produces a white flag and leaves the set.

I’ll give you a hint, he has pointy ears and green skin like an Orc or a Goblin, eats tofu, is an idiot jokester, and is the official Plucky Comic Relief of the entire series. Cyborg’s car gets destroyed in pretty much every episode it makes an appearance in.

Cyborg Dates Jinx – Teen Titans Go!

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